A visit to Coleman, Alberta

A visit to Coleman, Alberta

On day 2 of residency we headed to Star Creek Falls in Coleman – although we never actually made it to the waterfalls as we got distracted along the way. We will head back over the next few days.

It felt great to begin the playing, experimenting and discovering. I’ve missed utilising this creative energy.

We came to a river and spent some time there. The natural light is so beautiful, strong and bright yet there’s a softness to it. I’m being drawn to the shadows – like the shadows the plants are making onto the rocks as they dance in the gentle wind as the sunlight fades in and out.

During my time so far in Canada, I’ve spotted quite a bit of road kill and there’s such a presence of wildlife. I’ve seen deer, hare, squirrels and so many birds. There seems to be reminders of mortality everywhere – today I came across a dead creature. It’s definitely been there a while.

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