About Time, Open Photography Exhibition & Update on my work

About Time, Open Photography Exhibition & Update on my work

A print of mine, Marwolaeth Babi Melyn, is currently on show at Penrallt Gallery Bookshop, Machynlleth, in their Annual Open Photography Exhibition. The theme for this year was ‘About Time’ which I felt was perfect for me. If you don’t know much about me as an artist, I am interested in life, death, time… and often collect and film natural materials or specimens wilt, die or decay.

My primary disciplines over the past five years or so have been video, sound and installation, so submitting work into a photography exhibition was quite new for me.

I feel shift is happening at the moment however, moving closer towards the object, working physically with the object. I enjoy working with found natural materials, living or dead. I have interest in still life and working with subjects that are often present in still life, such as birds, flies, flowers and so on. I would like to explore not only photography more but also installation and perhaps even some sculptural work. So keep posted!

About Time runs until 23rd December. There are some fantastic photos in the exhibition. It really has inspired my to continue working with photography.

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