Exhibition 2 – Assessment

Exhibition 2 – Assessment

I’ve just had my assessment with tutor Miranda Whall and lecturer Chris Webster. This pretty much marks the end of my MA now. I’m feeling unusual, happy and excited about what is next yet also slightly apprehensive about leaving.

The assessment went well, I find them most useful for getting feedback and criticism. I always leave an assessment feeling positive, full of ideas. I especially think this one made me see things so clearly about my current work on show at The School of Art. It’s successes and its failures/room for improvement. I can really see how I can make this work better, which is great!

I always seem to return to the sea, to the seaside, which is interesting. I think it’s because this is where I usually find interesting objects washed up, alien like creatures in some sense.

Now onto the next chapter! Thank you to Aberystwyth School of Art for having me for the past five years. It’s great to think about what I have achieved on the BA and MA in particular. I now feel fully prepared with lots of ideas, knowing where to take my works next and confidence in being a practicing artist.

Exciting! This post’s image above shows work created from May-August whilst I was searching for a new subject to exhibit in September. Although my chosen work was maybe not completely ready for exhibition I am really happy with it, glad to have tested it out and I finally created a sound work! Post to follow soon with more info about what and why I chose to exhibit for the final work of the MA…


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