Jellyfish at Ynyslas, June 2017

Jellyfish at Ynyslas, June 2017

I took a trip to Ynyslas the other evening to watch the sunset…  After walking over the sand dunes and reaching the beach I spotted a jellyfish! Then six! The sea was coming in and hitting the washed up jellyfish. The colours were so beautiful.

After meeting with a biologist a few weeks back and looking at sea anenomes we spoke a little about how there are jellyfish in the area at the moment and I have been hoping to come across some.

I decided to take another trip to Ynyslas two days later as I didn’t have my camera with me at the first time around and this time the tide was much further out and so many jellyfish were revealed. Flies were landing upon them so I have got some footage of this.

Images show the jellyfish on both of the evenings. I’ll keep you posted on any more of my trips to see the jellyfish and I’ll show some video footage soon!

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