The Trelex residency, Switzerland

The Trelex residency, Switzerland

I was lucky enough to head to Trelex in Switzerland for a two week residency. I used this time to experiment and develop my artistic approaches and processes.

I started my first day getting to know my bearings and discover things, come up with ideas. The rest of my time on the residency I spent a lot of time playing and experimenting in the studio. I found the time extremely valuable as when the residency finished I felt I had developed some ideas which I could continue to work on when returning home. I also used the time to think about my two upcoming University exhibitions, and I definitely came back with with clearer plans.

When I needed a break from the studio I enjoyed trips out to Nyon, Lausanne, and Geneva. I found the train easy to get. You just buy your ticket form the station in Trelex and head to Nyon for directions to the larger cities or you can catch the train up the mountains for gorgeous views and picturesque villages.

I didn’t come with a plan for this residency, I wanted to open up and let go and enjoy the luxury of having a studio space and no other commitments for a full two weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from this. I am so grateful to Nina for offering the experience.

I collected objects from my surroundings and experimented with them in the studio. I was glad to find one of few living flowers in the village. Other objects I collected included dead flowers, seeds, a dead wasp, and feathers.

Find a short timelapse of a moment of my time in the studio on the residency here:

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