A residency at Stiwdio Maelor, Corris

A residency at Stiwdio Maelor, Corris

I’ve been feeling a bit stuck on the MA at the moment, finding it hard to get going and find new subjects to film and projects to develop. When an opportunity came around to do a residency at Stiwdio Maelor which is situated in Corris, Mid Wales, I thought what better way to push myself to create work, and it did just that!

I’ve spent lots of my time out and about exploring the environment, going on some lovely walks. The best thing that came out of this residency was the filming I did of a yellow poppy. I hung the poppy on clear wire from the ceiling infront of a black background and it started spinning around slowly. I filmed the poppy from many different angles. I also filmed the poppy as it wilted over time filming it for two minutes every two hours. You can see more of the work at the following links.

Pabi Melyn (Yellow Poppy)

Marwolaeth Babi Melyn (Death of a Yellow Poppy)

I’ve had a fantastic time here, met some lovely artists. Find out more about them here:

Yuki Aruga – www.yukiaruga.co.uk, Tara Deetscreek – www.taradeetscreek.com, Michelle – www.michellelkc.com

We shared a group tutorial which was very beneficial.

Thank you to Veronica, coordinator at Maelor and Yuki, volunteer at Maelor.

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